Living with Intention

With another year coming to an end, I can comfortably say that 2012 was quite a year–a whirlwind with ups, downs, and adventures both good and bad. For me, it began with a terrible accident that left me hospitalized with bumps, bruises, a concussion, deep sadness, frustration, and anger. I wondered: how this could have happened? Why me? What are the chances?

This particular incident got me thinking a lot about chance. The dictionary defines chance as ’something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause.’ Intention: such a great word. No, I had never intended for such an accident to happen. However, it could be argued that I was given another chance to change the way I lived my life. Maybe I was given this life lesson as a means to readjust, reevaluate or quite possibly set intentions.

After the shock, sadness, and pain wore off, I was able to appreciate life and the power of intention. I was empowered, felt happier than ever before, and I’m sure not to take any moment for granted. I live with intention every day: to not sweat the small stuff and to find pleasure in the little things.

The word ‘intention’ is especially powerful this time of year as many start to discuss or contemplate New Year’s resolutions. I tell this story as a way to inspire you. Live your life with intention and to the fullest. During the holidays most people take the time to reflect on the moments that painted the year leaving you to either classify it as monumental, a flop, or simply just another year. We ultimately make a discriminating decision on whether or not we enjoyed, approved, or just plain loathed the year and then vow to do it better or differently next year. This is great! I love the moment one’s eyes widen feeling immediately inspired to change. However, if you fast forward to mid-February, you don’t seem to remember any goal or intention that was set a few weeks earlier.

Why wait all year for such a brief moment of time to start something new or finally get around to whatever you’ve been dreaming about? When one year ends, a new one begins. The two are so closely linked that this fine line, or literally a millisecond passage of time, is essentially like everything else in life; with death comes life, an inhale leads to exhale back to an inhale, and so on. Day becomes night and night becomes day. What if we look at every day as a mini New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?

As humans, we have a tendency to get comfortable and caught up in our ‘ways’ or ‘routine’ because its familiar and feels good. Familiarity is by no means a bad thing. It’s always nice to come home to your family pet after a long day at work or knowing you can sleep in tomorrow because it’s Sunday. But wouldn’t it be nice to leave some of these ‘routine’ comforts behind to unleash the goodness that unfamiliar terrain usually unveils. Yes, that might mean waking early Sunday mornings to meet your running group.

2012 was an intention filled year for me (one for the books so to speak) but that may have not been the case if I was never given the chance to intend. Every intention I set has come to fruition for me. That’s a year filled with a new home, new friends, my own business, new work, new romance, constant joy, and appreciation for life.

I’m taking all the good and the ugly I’ve experienced from the year and I am not looking back. In fact, I’m leaping into 2013 with new intentions to give thanks, to smile, to inspire, to eat delicious food, to dance, to practice yoga, to sing, to travel, to write, to educate, to complete my first marathon, and even to train for my second.

So I encourage you take this time to treat your last week of the year as you would the first week of the new year and every day after. Step out on that ledge and tackle whatever big or small intentions you have for your self. Why not start training for that marathon you’ve been talking about for years? Maybe learn to tango in Argentina? Or maybe say I love you for the first time to your boyfriend or girlfriend? In actuality, it can be all of the above.

I often tell my students to find their strength, will, and desire needed to empower them to be the agent of change in their life. You may fall out of a pose from time to time but that should not discourage you from getting back into place. Instead of giving up after one try, keep at it–365 times.

By Kristin Esposito

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