New Year, New You Detox

buddha-greenWith a new year upon us; opportunities, adventures, and do-overs are limitless, so why not start the new year off with a new you? Any time of year is a good time to cleanse and rid the body of unwanted toxins, bloat, stress, and killer food cravings but it doesn’t beat that new year exhilaration of starting the year off with new intention, new energy and high spirits when it comes to tackling health and fitness goals. With that, I invite you to join us for our FREE 7-day New Year, New You Virtual Detox.

Join our New Year, New You Group Detox today if you want to…

– Have more energy, focus and concentration to do the things you love
– Lose extra weight and feel great about your body
– Get deep restful sleep
– Curb those vicious mid-afternoon sugar and caffeine cravings
– Have glowing clearer skin and
– Feel lighter and more joyful, ready to tackle all your goals in mind for 2013.

Our FREE Virtual Detox begins Monday, January 14th.

Sign up HERE!

Here’s how it works:

The detox is a combination of whole food meals and smoothies. So that means no dairy, soy, sugar, caffeine, gluten, processed foods and alcohol for 7 days. Making room for delicious anti-inflammatory foods, such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, hummus, even some chocolate, which will leave you feeling lighter and more energized.

Menus, recipes and shopping lists will be sent to your inbox at the beginning of the cleanse allowing you to shop, prep, cook and blend your meals in advance to accommodate our on-the-go lifestyle. Each day you will drink two liquid meals, one food meal plus snacks.

Support, love, and attention! During the 7 days you’ll receive support and guidance from our lovely Yin Yang Yogi staff via a private FB group page, how-to/what to expect podcast and daily emails with tips and suggestions to make your detox experience effortless, gratifying and truly amazing! We’ll also have a private Facebook group page – a place where we can all bond, share goals, ask questions and be each other’s cheerleader.

Benefits of detox include;

– Feeling lighter
– More energy
– Deep restful sleep
– Clear and glowing skin
– Weight-loss
– Less bloating
– Better focus and concentration
– Fewer sugar and caffeine cravings

Ready to sign up? CLICK HERE. Upon sign up you’ll receive a welcome email with a how-to/what to expect podcast explaining all the ins and outs of detox. This welcome guide you through pre-cleanse prep, food/ingredient shopping list and a few recipes to start your detox. During detox week you will continue to receive recipes, tips, suggestions and whole lotta TLC for any and all high-and-low detox moments.

Can’t wait for our detox adventure to begin. Sign up TODAY!


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