Feel and Be the flow both on and off the mat.

“If you want the rainbow, then you must have the rain.” ~Annette Hanshaw

As a vinyasa yoga instructor and practitioner I’ve been taught to dynamically flow connecting my breath with each subtle movement and transition from pose to pose. And yes, after many years this practice on my mat has become more synchronized, however, there are still those days when I arrive to class ready to practice when something just feels off. When this happens, I find myself so intently focusing on each inhale, exhale, posture adjustment and cue waiting for my dance like practice to come together in breath-synchronized perfection and sadly, I continue to miss a breath. What’s missing? My yoga.

Yoga is a state of being, a lifestyle, yes we can practice asana poses for exercise but true yoga is living in your state of being. That means accepting all your truths on and off the mat. That goes for off days, on days, good times and bad, blissed-out adventures and mundane lows. When we have moments of feeling off it’s our true Self trying to tell you something. It’s like your inner middle-child syndrome calling for attention. When this does occur, don’t take a step back from this miss-alignment, in fact get closer, and dive in. Here’s your chance to uncover unanswered questions, soul-searching blockages and inner truths, thus allowing you to get one step closer to your divine-rockstar-goddess-state-of-being! And who doesn’t want to be closer to that?


2 responses to “Feel and Be the flow both on and off the mat.

  1. Yes, being present in the moment is sometimes the hardest part of the practice. I highly recommend Eckard Tolle’s book “The Power of Now.” It is a quick and easy read and it really helped me hone in on actually how to do that.

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