How To Open Your Heart Chakra

Herz mit grüner Fläche

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this month we’re giving our hearts some serious TLC, and there’s no better place to start then our heart center. Normally we associate love and hearts with a brilliant bold sexy red but this time we’re going green.

Within our bodies we have an intricate system of energy points and channels that weave up, down and right to left, however the main energetic channel runs the length of our spine, starting at our tailbone and ending at the crown of our head. Along this line we have seven energetic outlets known as chakras. In light of our Valentine’s Day holiday and simply for the sake of love, this month we’ll be focusing on our 4th Chakra, the heart chakra, also known as Anahata in Sanskrit.

A balanced hearth chakra is a beautiful thing, and sometimes not so easy to obtain. A number of situations and life experience can make it difficult for this area of the body to be open and free. These blockages can be caused from break-ups, illness, health issues and low self-esteem.

An unhealthy heart chakra can exhibit many signs and symptoms—including but not limited to being defensive, critical, controlling, suspicious, withdrawn, possessive and afraid of letting go. When in balance an open heart chakra displays acceptance in others, life and yourself. Here are seven easy ways to begin to open your heart.

1. Be green. That means eating green and getting out in nature. According to Ayurveda the color green has healing properties so let the varying greens found in nature and food surround you and begin to heal you.

2. See green. Meditation and visualization are a great way to foster energy toward your heart center. Imagine a strong, clear green light filling up your heart center and allow yourself to be with visualization for a few minutes everyday.

3. Be love. Being a martyr is a sign of imbalance for this chakra. Allow yourself to be loved—including, and most especially, by yourself.

4. Give love. One of the best and easiest ways to cleanse and balance this chakra is by loving others unconditionally and unselfishly. The best display of unconditional love is that of your pet dog. Ever notice how they always want to nuzzle up to you and lap your face with kisses.

5. The grass isn’t always greener. It’s often human nature to naysay. Resist the urge to find fault in everything. Be thankful for what you already have.

6. Practice yoga. Try camel pose. A blocked heart chakra often means a blocked throat chakra, as well, and camel pose balances them both. Focus on elongating your lower back while focusing on the stretch and opening in your upper back. Really let go and feel your heart center lift and open during the pose.

7. Forgive. A lot of blockages in this chakra are fostered by not letting go of past hurts, anger, grief, regret, etc. Let go. Try to take the time to find the cause of personal imbalances and blocks. Reflect on past pain and work with it, ignoring them will only create deeper and possibly more destructive blockages. Take care of yourself and try to also remember that when each door closes a new one opens.


2 responses to “How To Open Your Heart Chakra

  1. Really enjoyed your article – I too have been focusing on this heart chakra for V-day and for National Heart Month. Question – did I miss the 8th point? Only see seven 🙂

    • Oh, that’s so wonderful. It such a sensitive part of our being and it’s absolutely amazing to have the opportunity to work with this part of our body/being in a larger community. About the 8th point, I originally had 8 but combined two so it’s really seven. Thanks for pointing that out, it’s been corrected. Be sure to check back all month for more tips on all matters of the heart and love.

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