Valentine’s Gift Giving From The Heart


Every woman loves receiving a dozen brilliant red roses, as well as a box of decadent dark chocolates for Valentine’s Day…how can you resist? But if you’re looking to lay off the sweets and want a Valentine’s Day memory that’s lasting then opt for these thoughtful, personalized, and heartwarming gift ideas. Whether you’ve been together for an eternity or just a few short weeks, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Write a love letter. There’s no better way to express your feelings to a loved one than to say it with words. It doesn’t have to be a perfect haiku or a Shakespearean novel. A simple hand written note about how much you appreciate them, how full-filling it is to have them in your life, as well as the little things you love about them, and just can’t get enough of.
2. Cook together. Such a great activity for Valentine’s Day because there’s no better place to create a little romance, passion, and heat than in the kitchen and with food, well ok, maybe not the only. Food and creating a meal together can be such an intimate experience; it’s spending quality time together, helps build teamwork, and creates space to learn new skills and information around food, such as aphrodisiac foods. From first chop to last bite you can really get to know your partner on a deeper level and really embrace the closeness that comes from sharing a meal that you both helped prepare together.
3. Massage.  Pamper your loved one with a massage. Go ahead and grab some coconut oil or sesame oil from your pantry, light a few candles, warm the oil in your palms, and massage away. This can be a great activity to do together with a face-to-face foot massage or a full-body rub down taking turns. While massaging your partner take note of any tightness and extra tender spots and spend a few extra minutes there. Helping to dispel these points of stress in the body will truly lighten the mood. Another great option, is finding a spa that offers couples massage.


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