Mantra For Heart Chakra


We can open and clear the heart chakra with a simple meditation practice using the Sanskrit mantra yum – the healing sound that resonates with the heart center.

Begin by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. As best you can, let go of any thoughts about the past and any expectations. Put your attention on the area of your heart and take another deep inhalation. As you exhale, say or chant the mantra yum in one long syllable.

Feel the sensations in your body and feel the energy flowing effortlessly from the base of your spine through your heart chakra. Visualize the energy as a beautiful green light that nurtures and bathes your heart in pure love, clearing away the residue of the past.

Repeat the mantra yum until you feel infused with a feeling of peace, joy and love.

Post and guided meditation from The Copra Center Newsletter.

4 responses to “Mantra For Heart Chakra

  1. Ohhhhh yesssss….. Awesome. Inhale energy and then on the exhale yum? I appreciate any meditation incorporating the sounds of the chakras. Loving the reminder… looking forward to following you! 😉

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