Make Space For Kundalini to Rise

March is a powerful month for transformation, which can sometimes feel fickle as we’re in a constant state of flux between dark and light. From cold blistery winter days filled with rain and snow to mild sunny spring-like days, this fierce movement of mother nature is an indicator that change is on the horizon.

In the morning on bright days, you begin to hear the new sweet radiance of the light calling our hibernating center, calling to wake up. The heaviness and necessary stillness of winter are ready to give way, the layers are ready to soften and melt so that new light, new life can be called to the surface. It takes effort to coax the forward momentum. It takes effort to summon the inner fire to dissolve the heavy mantle of winter. And it requires great faith in the process to blossom and transform. With that, March is a great month to commit to a daily meditation and pranayama practice, to call upon your internal transformation you center craves.

Bhastrika Pranayama is a great cleansing breath that can be practiced daily, in the mornings or evenings, to help open your energy channels making space for kundalini to rise. This cleansing breath practice is clearing space within your energy channels welcoming transformation. Before beginning your practice take a few rounds of soft inhales and exhales and mediate on what you would like to transform in your life; maybe it’s breaking an old habit or setting forth with a new goal, whatever your intention may be commit to it everyday. Slowly but surely you will see and experience this seed grow and blossom within the light.

  • Be seated in comfortable posture. Place your hands on your knees. Root your sit bones into the earth and relax your shoulders away from your ears. Focus on your breathing pattern and be relaxed. Bhastrika is about inhaling and exhaling completely, and with mild force, while remaining relaxed.
  • Breathe in by inhaling forcefully through both the nostrils. Make sure that your lungs are full with air. Once you inhale fully, exhale through your nose with great force making a hissing sound.
  • During your practice you want your inhales and exhales to be applied with force while breathing in and breathing out. You can determine how much speed to apply while inhaling and exhaling keeping in mind your heath and endurance power.
  • When inhaling during your practice focus attention to your breath in your chest area,  your abdominal should not blow up entirely here, instead feel the air fill around your ribs. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Those who have high blood pressure or heart disease should not practice Bhastrika pranayama.


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