Feng Shui For Spring

Yes, it’s spring and we all know what that means – it’s time to clean! Time to clean the cobwebs collected on our outdoor furniture and get rid of last year’s spring items you never wore and most likely won’t wear this season. Even cleaning and taking care of ourselves with a cleanse or detox, or perhaps a day at the spa to sloth off the remnants of winter with a body scrub or massage. Whatever it might be this is the time to refresh your home, body and mind from any build up that no longer serves us.

Another great way to clean out and improve your surroundings are implementing a few Feng Shui techniques. Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both heaven (Chinese astrology)  and earth to help one improve life by windandwaterreceiving positive qi (energy). This can be practiced by positioning objects, such as furniture, buildings, plants, and graves in patterns of balance between yin and yang energies in a way that ultimately encourage positive effects within our immediate surroundings. So while you’re cleaning our your closets this spring try a few of these Feng Shui tips to help clean out clutter and bring positive energy into your home. Instilling just a few of these tips into your home and you’ll start to feel the benefits within a few days. Here’s to happy spring cleaning!

Here are a few simple Feng Shui tips you can use to improve your life:

• Front Door – Your front door sets the tone for the entire rest of the house. Even if your house is gorgeous and clean, if your front door is not properly taken care of, you can have problems. This is where the chi, or good energy, enters your home.

Freshen up your front door by giving it a good, new coat of paint. Keep plants and shrubs trimmed back so they don’t hinder the entryway, and keep clutter and shoe piles away from the entryway.

• Living Room – Arrange your furniture so that it is conducive to people being able to sit and enjoy each others company, without having to crane their necks or be blocked by visual impediments. When your furniture is harmonious – so too will your relationships be.

Keep sharp edges blocked or remove them, as this is not conducive to good Feng Shui practices and the sharp lines transmit negative energy.

• Dried Flowers – Many people have dried flower arrangements in their homes. They are attractive, but they are a big no-no in Feng Shui. It is very important not to have the energy of anything dead in the home. Dead flowers do not conduct the right kind of energy.

If you want flowers in your home (and they are excellent for Feng Shui), then get live flowers or potted flowers, preferably with round leaves. Make sure to get rid of them the moment they die, or you will be bringing harmful chi into your home.

• Mops and Brooms – Keep mops and brooms out of sight, so that they can’t be seen. It is also recommended that they be stored upside down. This may seem strange, but brooms and the like are a very powerful element in Feng Shui for both good and bad. You run the risk of sweeping out your good energy if you leave your brooms and mops out and cluttered.

• Mailbox – Paint your mailbox in a fun, lively color. This is an important Feng Shui element that will encourage increased money and business via the mail, as well as good news.

Source: Explore Meditation


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