Send Love And Light

“Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.”

– St.Francis of Assisi

In light of yesterday’s horrific events at the Boston Marathon lets remember to be diligent in sending love, light and compassion to everyone affected by the finish-line bombings. With 3 people killed and over 140 people injured at what is typically such a joyous and spirited event and to suddenly feel sadness, anger and terror. This feeling of uneasiness can make us move into a state of fear as ignorance acted yesterday. Ignorance of how precious human life is and ignorance of our common interests as human beings.

And while it may be difficult to see and find beauty in humankind during such a tragic event it’s important to move forward in an act of resilience, the act to celebrate life, and the act of love and kindness. It is within these acts of love, kindness and resilience that beauty lies and was so clearly demonstrated during yesterday’s blasts where runners and spectators, who were directly affected, came together to help injured runners and spectators while moving through the terror and fear around them. As you move through the day, take a moment in your day to pray, sending love and light, to all Bostonians because they, like you, are your fellow urban dwellers.


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