Are You Prepared for the Pink Moon?


“Lunar Eclipses  symbolize an ending of a chapter, time of letting go, surrendering and closing of doors so to speak.”  You can see this is a great time of shedding the past, at least whatever you are ready to, and really diving into it and letting go. Don’t over-analyze it. Release the grip and set yourself free to heal and move on. Honor whatever it is or was and let it go on all levels of your being. Whatever area of life the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio activates for you, consider it a time of serious letting go for deep transformation and reclaiming your power. You may find you free up some stuck creative energy in the process!”

~Dipali Desai

This month’s Full Moon will occur on Thursday April 25, 2013 at 3:57 pm Eastern time in the sign of Scorpio at 5 degrees. Native American tradition refers to April’s Full Moon as the Full Pink Moon as spring flowers are starting to bloom. This month’s lunation is potent and powerful since it is also a partial lunar eclipse. Change and transformation will happen whether you are ready for it or not.

The partial lunar eclipse will affect the energies of this Full Moon.  Although only visible from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, it will truly impact us all. At a lunar eclipse the earth stands between the Sun and the Moon. Astrologically speaking eclipses suggest shake-ups of all kinds. In the case of a lunar eclipse, you are more likely to be dealing with endings, some could be very emotional.

Because of the nature of this full moon lunar eclipse it has the potential to bring up old karmic patterns that we have carried around for lifetimes, and to release those patterns like a snake sheds an old skin. It’s a potent filled new moon, if we can ride the emotional waves that may come along with it.

Lunar eclipses symbolize a time of letting go and surrendering as we celebrate endings and new beginnings.  The old must be released so that the new can enter.  There is no more auspicious time for a Lunar eclipse than spring time, a season of rebirth for new beginnings & the release and cleansing of that, that does not serve.

Celebrate this time of endings & new beginnings.  But remember, the old must be released so that the new can enter…

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