Meatless Monday’s Memorial Day Happy Breakfast

HappyBreakfastPerhaps you may have overindulged a bit much this Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s easy to get back on track.  Start your day off clean and simple this meatless Monday with fresh fruit for breakfast.  Breakfast is the easiest way to introduce simple healthy additions to your diet and get you back on track fast after a holiday or any time you need to restart, refresh & recharge your routine.   Remember, fruit is best eaten alone, on an empty stomach, thus making breakfast the perfect time for fruit.  Be creative, use whatever fruit you have on hand for a happy breakfast this holiday and be sure to look out for our upcoming  Spring into a New You.”  Whatever your health goals are for this season we will have you covered in our group program. Past participants have finished the program a few pounds lighter, with glowing skin, renewed energy and simple tools to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. It’s all about balance, join Y3 to find yours and enjoy your Happy Breakfast!

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