Spring Into A New You

new_nAs part of our Spring Into A New You wellness program today’s post is about committing to what you’d like to see flourish, grow, or let go of from your life. Our new program will focus on all things health, yoga, food, nutrition, and personal wellness/development related. As you begin to settle into a comfortable seat bring your awareness internally, specifically to your belly center – the seat of our desire, intuition and instinct – and ask yourself: what positive wellness changes can I bring into my life? Once you’ve settled on your goal and desired outcome start to envision yourself embodied with this change. Use your goal and vision as a mantra for the next few minutes in pranayama and meditation.

As you inhale use the breath to invite the change you desire into your body and as you exhale send this bountiful breath to every part of your body. With each exhale feel the fresh oxygen circulate throughout the body and use this as a catalyst toward a fresh start. Be the agent of change you seek in your life. Let your breath ignite your will and use your will (and some guidance from the Yin Yang Yogi family) to see, feel and experience this positive change in your life.

Interested in joining our FREE Spring Into A New You wellness program? Join our group here! The Y3 family will guide you through different levels of cleansing, detoxing, re-discovery and so much more to help spring you into a new you!

3 responses to “Spring Into A New You

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