Ask Away…

BalloonsAs we move into summer now’s the time to kick start your health and well-being into high gear! And Yin Yang Yogis is here to help you achieve your fitness, wellness and nutrition goals. All you have to do is sign up for our FREE Spring Into A New You wellness program here! On our group page we’ll supply everything you’ll need for a final “spring cleaning”.

How it works

Set to kick off Friday, June 7th our Facebook group page will be our go-to detox and recipe “guidebook” where we’ll post clean detox-friendly recipes ranging from juices, smoothies, and whole food meals giving you the capability to pick and choose what kind of wellness program works best for you. Perhaps it’s strictly liquids or maybe a combination of smoothies and whole food meals? Maybe it’s 3 days or 14 days leading into the first day of summer? Whatever you choose our Spring Into A New You group page will offer everything you need to clean house!

Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday June 4th 9:00 am – 5:00pm on our Facebook page for a live News Feed Q & A where we’ll be answering all of your spring cleaning and detox questions – and please don’t be shy. Unsure about participating with our Spring Into A New You wellness program due to an intense or high impact fitness schedule and worried about consuming enough calories? Maybe you’re feeling conflicted about how to find the time to detox for yourself and also take care of meals for your family members as well? Perhaps it’s finding the motivation to commit to a 3-day detox? Whatever your questions may be…please ask away!

Sign up TODAY and don’t miss out on the chance to Spring Into A New You!


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