Second Chakra Meditation

lotus-flower-bethwyn-millsSecond chakra meditation pertains to your passion chakra. The sacral chakra, or swadhishthana chakra, is the ‘dwelling place of the self’ and is filled with flowing, moving energy.

Its element being water, it represents your connection to your emotions and creative impulses. The color of the chakra is orange and the lotus flower symbolic of the chakra has six petals.

A blocked or unbalanced second chakra could lead to an inability to experience life’s sweetness or to hedonism. Both have negative consequences. And as we seek to live a honest, full-filling and balanced life according to personal pleasure and desires its important to turn to our emotions. While it is important to be in touch with your feelings, you are not your feelings, so an excessive attachment to them also turns counter-productive.

Feelings, like thoughts, are events that arise and fall within us, but they are not us. They simply do not define us. The whole purpose of meditation is to rise above our incorrect identification with our thoughts and feelings.

But, the intensity of strong emotions can be quite addictive. And hard to let go in spite of best intentions. Just like anything that’s good for us and adds well-being to our day-to-day lives will take a good deal of practice. With a consistent meditation practice we can begin to unblock our second chakra.

The following second chakra meditations will help you activate and balance your sacral chakra leaving you to pursue your deepest and most lively passions.

Awaken the Swadhishthana Chakra

  • Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture
  • Visualize an orange spinning chakra in the lower abdomen below the navel
  • Imagine a circle of orange light emanating from your chakra and spreading to the rest of your body in wave like ripples
  • Feel a sense of warmth enveloping the whole body, starting with the genital area and then radiating out
  • Keep meditating on these ‘waves of warmth’ and allow yourself to let go and flow like water
  • Keep your attention on your sacral area you may begin to feel pulse-like vibrations – welcome this energy into the body and see if you can direct this pulse up and down your spine.
  • Do it for 20-30 minutes


VAM Meditation

The seed sound or mantra of the Water element is VAM (pronounced as hum). Chanting this mantra helps activate the chakra.

  • Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture
  • Close your eyes and bring your awareness inward.
  • Start to deepen your breath and with each inhale silently say VAM
  • Hold your inhale at the top and then release for an exhale.
  • Repeat for a few rounds and start to notice where you feel vibrations in your body as you say this seed mantra to yourself.
  • Meditate for 20-30 minutes

Originally written and sourced from Do Meditation.

Photo: Bethwyn Mills

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