Detoxing with Shoelace Pose

Detoxing with Shoelace Pose

The end of our Spring Into a New You cleanse is just a few short days away.  Our cleansers have been juicing, eating clean, sleeping more, meditating, and of course practicing yoga.  In this week’s Yin series we’ll cover Shoelace pose, a forward fold that stimulates both the liver and kidney meridians which naturally aid in the body’s detox process.  Yogis with tight muscles may find this pose slightly more difficult, but certainly still attainable.  Those yogis who are pregnant and out of the first trimester should choose to avoid this pose.


To come into Shoelace, begin on all fours in a tabletop position.  Lift one knee and cross it behind the other, coming to sit between the heels.  If the bottom knee is too uncomfortable, try placing that leg straight out in front of you.  If the top knee is troublesome, place a blanket underneath of it.  If these modifications don’t work, benefits can still be achieved by just sitting in a cross-legged position.  asana_shoelace_foldingOnce you are settled into a comfortable seat begin to round the back forward and allow the head to hang or support your upper body with props for a more restful experience.  Remember to find your edge.  If the sensation is too intense and too far past your edge, bring the spine back to an upright position until the sensation becomes something more bearable.  Bring focus to your hips and be aware of whether or not the top hip is being pulled forward.  If it is, focus on keeping the hips even.  Remain in the pose for three to five minutes on each side.

Modified Shoelace with bottom leg out.

Modified Shoelace with bottom leg out.

To come out of the pose, lean back and send the legs out in front of you.  A windshield wiper motion with the legs is a nice way to finish this pose as it releases the hips.

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