Anahatasana {Yin Series}

Anahatasana or Melting Heart Pose

With the upcoming holiday, we’ll cover Anahatasana which is a simple pose and one that is easy to get into.  Anahatasana (sometimes known as Melting Heart) provides a lovely stretch through the upper and middle back and is also a nice shoulder opener making it the perfect mid-BBQ excuse to take a stretch break.  This pose hardly has any limitations and can easily be enjoyed on its own.


To come into the pose, begin on your hands and knees in a tabletop position.  Now, walk the hands forward while you allow the chest to move towards the floor. Keep the hips above and aligned with the knees and, preferably, the hands as wide as your shoulders. The placement of your hands is certainly flexible, but you will reap the most benefits if there is no discomfort from them being in the described position.  This pose is especially restful if you allow the weight of your chest to rest on a bolster or pillow.  A blanket can be placed under the knees if there is any discomfort there.  Once you have worked out the kinks and found your optimal version of the pose, remain there for three to five minutes.  Finishing the pose with a mild forward bend helps to counteract the backbend nature of this pose, and the transition into Child’s Pose or balasana is smooth and the perfect forward bend.

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