Jewel Of A Meditation

manipuraFor the month of July we’re highlighting the 3rd charkra, Manipura, which translates to “lustrous gem” in Sanskrit. This chakra is a vibrant lemon yellow located in our navel/solar plexus. It’s element is fire and function associated with this chakra is will, power, and assertiveness. The inner states and feelings paired with Manipura are joy, laughter, anger and ego. Physical malfunctions typically linked to a weak 3rd chakra are; ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia and digestive disorders.

This firey chakra is the seat of our self-esteem, ego, and will power. The will relates to our ability to do and see tasks through, especially when it comes to fulfilling personal desires, which we addressed last month with the sacral chakra, Svadhisthana. Manipura is considered the center of dynamism, energy, will power and achievement, which radiates prana (life force) throughout the entire body. It is associated with the power of fire and digestion, as well as with the sense of sight and the action of movement. It’s that uber optimistic voice and personal cheerleader in you that says “You got this. Let’s do it!”.

For today’s meditation we’re going to focus on the corresponding verb of this chakra: “I can”. Motivational speaker John Bradshaw states “the human will is intensity of desire raised to the level of action” and we couldn’t agree more with this statement. It’s like being gifted all the materials to build your dream home and all that’s required of you is the ability to believe in your self and a hard days work to see your vision come to fruition.

So before we begin our mediation take a few minutes to write and journal about what you would like to bring into your life – perhaps a life long dream of running a marathon or maybe learning to salsa. Whatever it the desire may be write it down. When you’ve committed to this desire begin to write down any associated fears you may have that prevent you from actively pursuing it. 0_largeFrom here turn some of the associated fears into positive affirmations and when you’ve written a positive statement for each fear find your comfortable seat. For this meditation practice start by envisioning a bright yellow sphere emanating from your solar plexus. Once your internal vision has locked it’s gaze on this blazing sphere begin to draw your internal gaze upward, imagine your prana moving up toward your third eye. Let it settle here and then take a few deep breaths as you visualize yourself taking action and fully participating in your desire. Continue to take deep inhales and exhales throughout your visualization. After a few minutes begin to release your internal gaze/vision and then with each inhale repeat to yourself “I” and with each exhale “can”. Repeat for 10 breaths.

Take note to how you feel when your meditation practice is complete. It may foster a sense of joy, excitement, and enthusiasm to not only take on your personal desires but may also leave you feeling like anything and everything is possible.

Chakra Source: Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith


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