Camel Pose {Yin Series}

Camel Pose

So, last week’s pose, was a little on the complex side, right? Let’s go back to something a bit easier this week.   This simple pose is great for hunched shoulders and drooping backs, a habit that we can all identify with from time to time.  In addition, this pose also opens up the tops of the thighs and hip flexors.  It also puts some minor (good) stress on the ankles, which is one of the areas we tend to neglect  Those who are elderly or may have spinal injuries are capable of doing this pose, but should consult with a medical professional first (or avoid it altogether, a nice alternative would be Sphinx Pose).


The simplest way to come into this pose is to begin on the knees and sitting on the ankles.  Place your hands on the floor behind you and lift the hips forward.  This motion will create an arch in your back. If you have neck issues or are feeling any tension in the neck keep the chin tucked.  Otherwise, allow the neck to relax and the head to drop back .  Bring the hands to rest on top of the heels.

asana_camel_easyFor a more gentle version and less of an arched back, leave the hands on the floor behind you and keep the chin closer to the chest.  Whichever version you have chosen, remain here for 2-4 minutes.  When you’re ready, slowly lift the chest forward keeping the head back until the shoulders are once again over the hips. Bring the head forward and sit back into Child’s Pose

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