Greens For The Heart

Dark-Leafy-Greens-Are-Good-Sources-of-Calcium-1024x711For today’s superfood post we’re talking and eating green! As most of you know this month we’re highlighting the 4th chakra, our heart center and there’s no better way to activate and stimulate the heart space than with a bowl of greens. That’s right it’s no lie when someone says that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! The color of our heart center is green so let’s toast the summer season of bountiful greens and eat for rejuvenation, heart health and of course love!

Eating greens boosts your overall energy, reduces stress, neutralizes the body’s pH level, and can also relieve energy blocks to the heart center. Leafy greens come in many varieties such as spinach, kale, collards, swiss chard, and dandelion to name a few and can easily be incorporated into any meal. Have it alone as a salad, throw a handful in your morning smoothie, juice it, saute it, even bake it. Whatever form you choose to devour these leafy greens you’ll instantly feel their live enzymes, oxygen and chlorophyll melt away stress and blockages leaving you to feel lighter and ready for love!

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