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Let Your Imagination Go!

Quotes to live by…Beautiful-Example-Of-Imagination-Art-Photos

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Veggie Sushi for Meatless Monday

Come celebrate Meatless Monday with us!


Curried Eggplant with Chickpeas and Spinach


Come warm up over curry with us!





Superfood: Hot Peppers

imageHot peppers can either feel like feel like a friend or foe  but there’s no denying their health benefits. Learn more by visiting our new blog at

30 Minute Lunchbreak Yin Series

Come spend your lunchbreak with us!


Walk the road less traveled…

…as a means to learning more about your self and accepting and loving who you are. Read more at our new blog for today’s inspiration.

Happy Full Moon Meditation

Harvest-MoonBe sure to enjoy the eclipse this evening with our eclipse full moon meditation here….

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Superfoods For Your Third Eye

Purple-foods-2Do you eat enough indigo-colored foods? Grab yourself a handful of berries and read below for all the amazing health and chakra benefits at our new blog.

Stay awhile! Using props in your Yin practice

Do you use props in your yoga practice?


Quote Of The Day…

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