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Nourishing Supported Yin Sequence

Come relax with us!

Supported backbend



Jackfruit Superfood!

jackfruit_thailand_view1Check out our new superfood highlight over at www.yinyangyogis.com

30 Minute Hip Sequence {Yin Series}

You have 30 minutes to spare, right?



Superfood: Hot Peppers

imageHot peppers can either feel like feel like a friend or foe  but there’s no denying their health benefits. Learn more by visiting our new blog at


30 Minute Lunchbreak Yin Series

Come spend your lunchbreak with us!



Stay awhile! Using props in your Yin practice

Do you use props in your yoga practice?



It’s Time To Detox!

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This detox program will spice up your day-to-day repertoire. You’ll learn and establish permanent lifestyle and dietary habits that will leave you feeling more energized, lighter, happier and of course healthier! Learn more here….

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Get your blenders ready! The detox begins on November 3, 2013.